Saturday, August 11, 2012

Winding Down

It’s getting down to my last few days at Wildtracks! Teresa is becoming increasingly more difficult to distract so you can sneak out of her cage, but she should be moved closer to Mattie and Duma soon, which will provide plenty of distractions. Since I don’t have many days left, I went in with Mattie and Duma at the last feed yesterday. I’m so used to going in with Teresa, that they look so tiny! They’re both still pretty young and so playful. It’s crazy how their personalities are so different from Teresa’s. As you as you come inside, it’s like you’re wearing a spider monkey turban and they make it quite difficult to clean. Duma kept knocking over the bucket and throwing everything out of it. I got stuck, so Si had to come and rescue me but he ended being stuck inside for about twenty minutes. Twiggy could finally go out yesterday, which she thoroughly enjoyed and she didn’t come back last night. She eventually showed up later this morning but refused to go back out into the lagoon. Richie was moved in with Paz since she’s out of quarantine and didn’t test positive for TB. They seem to be getting along fine, but Richie definitely wears the pants in their relationship. She’s always first to the food bowl and Paz makes sure she’s finished before he tries to eat at all. Another tropical storm depression is headed our way and predicted to make landfall around Sarteneja on Thursday, when I was supposed to fly back. I changed my flight to Monday so I won’t get my mini-vacation in San Pedro, but I don’t want to risk getting stuck in Belize City. After a summer full of great animal adventures, I’m ready to get back to Indiana. 

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