Saturday, August 4, 2012

Real Food!!

Another day and more milk battles. I fed the three in the pre-release this morning and Nicky was pretty frustrated with me again, although he's not getting as demanding and grabbing the syringe. At the next feed, I fed the quarantine. The new howler is getting more used to people and will let you touch her now, but she usually gives you the stink eye when you do. I spent some time with Teresa because she was looking lonely, but she blocked me in the enclosure for a half hour. She just sat in the doorway, looking around and pulling my hand so I would groom her. The new three howlers are still really scared of people but they actually came down from their top tree branch while I was leaving the enclosure. We took a fecal sample and they have really bad worms, so hopefully their health will improve after we deworm them. After the 2:30 feed, we corralled Duke again. We had him in the corner and he slipped under the sling! You'd think it would be hard for a 150 lb manatee to get past you, but he's incredibly agile! The mosquitoes were really bad again today. I'll probably look diseased on my flight back! Since it was the weekend, we went into the village again for dinner and drinks. We ate at Pablito's and the food was amazing. It was probably just because it was different than the usual pasta or rice, but it was nice to have real meat for once. Apparently I could never make it as a vegetarian. Tropical storm Ernesto is headed our way and supposed to be here on Wednesday, but hopefully it misses us because we would have to move all the animals inside!

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