Sunday, August 5, 2012


I felt like I was back in Africa today. We had a big cat sighting! After breakfast, all the volunteers had a meeting with Paul to discuss what happens in the event of a hurricane, changes to the way the monkeys will be handled and a few other things. While he was in the middle of talking he pointed behind us and a puma was just walking into the backyard! She just strolled into the middle of the yard and then turned around and strolled out! It was incredible! In the afternoon, we fed Duke again and since it was Saturday we weighed him as well. He now weighs 152 lb and he gained 8 lbs in one week, which is great. He still isn't doing great eating sea grass, so we're continuing daily feeds for a few weeks. We're trying to decide on names for the three new monkeys. So far, we almost decided on Gandalf for the male and I'm trying for Molly in honor of my lovely roommate for one of the females, but I don't know if it'll stick. We went out again tonight after dinner to a bar that was in a house. They had three DJs visiting from Orange Walk, the closest big city. It was a little awkward at first but after a little while everyone started dancing. A couple Belizean guys came over and we're trying to teach us how to dance like a Belizean but it mostly involved shuffling your feet back and forth. No one else at the bar was dancing like that and we're pretty sure the guy just had terrible dance moves. Ernesto is predicted to hit on Wednesday and we'd be evacuated to Orange Walk if it comes, but we won't find out for sure until Monday night.

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